Returning Citizens: Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Discuss Re-entry

Sunday November 7

2:00 PM  –  4:00 PM

Artists and advocates come together for this special program to address issues of re-entry for formerly incarcerated individuals. With the exhibition Connections, New Beginnings: Artists in Transition as the backdrop, guest speakers Martín Vargas, Nicole Quick, Cozine Welch, and Josh Hoe will discuss the challenges and opportunities available for people reentering society after periods of incarceration. The role of art and creativity will play an important part in this conversation, as well as locating resources and other forms of support to help those in transition. Audience members will also be invited to join the conversation and learn more about the unique challenges faced by formerly incarcerated individuals, and what we can all do to help support our fellow citizens.


This program is presented in partnership with the Linkage Project of the Prison Creative Art Project at the University of Michigan; A Brighter Way; and Safe and Just Michigan.