Sketchbook Club 2021

Calling all creative kids! Join us for Summer Sketchbook Club with the MSU Broad. We’ve planned online art-making adventures for the months of June and July that children can join no matter where your family happens to be right now. Sketchbook Clubs run for one week with an enrollment fee of $125.


Each week will offer a new experience!


Art is Active: June 7 – June 11

It’s time for action! Join us as we learn about contemporary art that is fun and fearless. Create your own bold and exciting artwork in a variety of active ways!


Art is Surprising: June 14 – June 19

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Explore the many ways contemporary art can be unusual, unexpected, and unbelievable! Create your own surprising artwork in this fun and playful camp.


Art is Everywhere: June 21 –  June 25

Do you have art-vision? Look closely at your surroundings as we explore the visual nature of our environment through contemporary art. Create artwork inspired by your own imaginative ideas for transforming everyday life!


Art is Moving: June 28 –  July 2

Where will art take you? Let's explore the many ways art can affect our motions and emotions. Make your own artwork that stretches your imagination in this inventive camp.


Art is Loud: July 5 –  July 9

Do you have something to say? Join us as we discover how contemporary artists communicate through their work. Create artwork that expresses your own thoughts in a big way!


Art is Alive: July 12 –  July 16

It’s alive! Make art that explores intersections of biology, architecture, and design as we learn about lively and evolving contemporary art in this curiously creative camp.


Art is Weird: July 19 –  July 23

Do you have an eye for oddities? Join us as we explore quirky and unusual contemporary art, and experiment creatively with art materials and ideas in this fun offbeat camp. 


Art is Silly: July 26 – July 30

Looking for a laugh? Together, we’ll take a light-hearted peek into some goofy, silly, and downright funny contemporary art. Create artwork that expresses your unique personality and sense of humor.


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